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Furry Tails: A Heart Of Gold

You've never seen a German Shepherd quite like Quasimodo before.

But one look into his deep, soulful brown eyes and you know that despite his unusual appearance, he's all heart. Big wet kisses and warm teddy bear hugs included.

Quasi suffers from a very rare condition. According to the Secondhand Hounds organization out of Minnesota, he is one of just a few dogs across the world with this condition.

Quasi suffers from something known as "Short Spine Syndrome."

"It's really rare. It's the 14th documented case ever," Rachel Mairose, of Secondhand Hounds, told KDKA sister station WCCO in Minnesota.

WCCO reports that Quasi's condition "formed when his soft vertebrae compressed, causing his spine to shrink."

He has to undergo several surgeries; the first of which was performed Monday. Officials with Secondhand Hounds say Quasi is also suffering from frostbite, ear infections and also had injuries from an embedded collar.

But he doesn't seem to be in major pain from those ailments or his condition.

"In general, he's a healthy dog that doesn't seem to be in chronic pain," Mairose told WCCO.

Before arriving at Secondhand Hounds, Quasi was living the life of a stray in Kentucky. He's never known the love of a forever family - a soft pat on the head or the fun of a game of fetch.

Now, though, he's in for that and a lot more.

With life as a stray in his rearview mirror, Quasi already has the makings of a sweet and playful "good dog."

"He's a lover boy and you couldn't ask for a better dog," Mairose said.

And he's teaching people around the world some valuable lessons that are really easy to forget.

"Looks aren't everything and it's really important to get to know somebody, including a dog like Quasi; and when you do, you'll fall head over heels in love," Mairose told WCCO.

If you'd like to continue to follow Quasi's story, he's got his own Facebook page with upwards of 44,500 likes and counting.

No, Quasi, looks are definitely not everything. They surely are not a measuring stick for our capacity to love.


Stay tuned animal lovers for more Furry Tails! You can follow me on Twitter at @HeatherLang24

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