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Etna Crime Spree Suspects In Court

ETNA --- Local burglary victims are upset saying that the belongings stolen from them cannot be replaced. Police, however, have caught the suspects and say they will stand trial.

There were five suspects against at least ten angry victims who claim their stolen belongings were irreplaceable.

"I'm innocent," says suspect Ryan Marshall.


"I wish the justice done and I wish they send them for a long time," says one victim.

Nicole Kappeler faces the longest list of charges—twelve in all.

Her co-defendants include her mother, Theresa Miller and her sister Brandi Lyons.

Ryan Marshall was charged with receiving stolen property.

The victims say the group operated like a well-oiled machine as they knocked on random doors.

"She asked for Susie-- does Susie live here? I said you have the wrong house and then her brother came a day later and he wanted Joey and I said there was no Joey here," says another victim.

Police recovered some of the jewelry and some of the cash taken. What cannot be returned, however, is the security that was breached.

"Truthfully, I'd like to slap her. I'd like to hurt her because she hurt me," the victim continues.

The victim goes on to say that a gold ring that her late husband gave to her is also missing.

The victims suspect that the ring of robberies was powered by drug-related activity.  

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