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DeFer: GG Ends With Chuck & Blair Together

" Gossip Girl " star, Kaylee DeFer says that Blair ( Leighton Meester ) and Chuck ( Ed Westwick ) will be together again by the end of the series next season .

Revealing that it looks very promising for the ill-fated couple to find their way to one another again, Kaylee told Hollywood Life that she is really hopeful on a reconciliation. "I think that they have to, right?" she teased.

Kaylee also revealed that she is going to be back as Ivy for the final season of the hit CW show and is looking so forward to it. Her two-faced character was great for drama and fans seem as if they can't get enough of her deceitfulness and the results it brings.

Giving nothing away about Serena's ( Blake Lively ) fate, however, Kaylee said that since they haven't given any of the stars a script yet, they "have no clue what the story lines are gonna be until like a couple of days before."

That's just fine, we all love a little mystery and anticipation! As long as we know that Chuck and Blair will be as one again by the end of everything!

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