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Defense Rests, Excerpts Of Adams' Contract Released In Court

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The defense rested its case today without calling any of the three defendants accused in last year's stabbing of Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman, Mike Adams, to testify.

Also this morning in court, Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert was released from his subpoena after defense attorneys introduced excerpts from Adams' contract.

Among its provisions: that if a player has engaged in personal conduct reasonably judged by the Club to adversely affect or reflect on the Club, then Club may terminate the contract.

Adams' salary ranged from $390,000 for the 2012 season to 873,225 for the 2015 season and a million dollar signing bonus.

PDF: Contract Excerpts (Page 1)
PDF: Contract Excerpts (Page 2)

Suspects Dquay Means, Michael Paranay and Jerrell Whitlock are charged in the incident. They are accused of trying to carjack Adams' truck, punching him and stabbing him.

During closing arguments this afternoon, defense attorney Fred Rabner, representing Means, told the jury that Adams changed his story to save himself.

"Mike Adams has millions of reasons to lie," said Rabner. "Dquay Means is an aspiring rap artist with ties to Wiz Khalifa. He has every reason to stay out of trouble."

Defense attorney Randall McKinney, representing Paranay, told the jury that Adams bullied Paranay after knocking his food to the ground.

"Adams was a jerk, was belligerent, a drunk and a bully," said McKinney. "That's where the bully and the Chihuahua collided."

But the jury has to reconcile Adams' stab wounds with the prosecutor's claim that Whitlock wielded the knife, as well as the liability that Whitlock and Means share for attempted homicide should they believe the prosecution's theory that Whitlock did the stabbing and Means threatened Adams with a gun.

Paranay will not face the attempted homicide conviction, but is liable for aggravated assault.

The prosecution rested its case Monday.

The defense then began with a toxicology expert who testified that Adams, given his height, weight and blood alcohol content, would have had to have consumed 28 to 29 drinks that night.

The defense also called a surprise witness, Shariea Cox, who testified that she heard Adams say he wasn't paying for anything, and displayed aggressive behavior in a dispute with Paranay and another man over food.

Closing arguments ended around 4:30 p.m. The judge will give the jury their instruction in the law Wednesday morning, and then they begin deliberations.

Prosecution Rests Case Against 3 Suspects In Adams' Stabbing (4/28/14)
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