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DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Suzanne At Frick Park

"I drive all over town doing awesome Pittsburgh things."

The Ride
The Driver: Suzanne
Car in Question: Silver 2010 Dodge Caliber
Spotted at: Frick Park, Pittsburgh, PA 15221
Odometer: 10,061
Car's Nickname: Sparkle Pony


Q: Sparkle Pony, that's a pretty impressive name. How'd you come up with that one?

A: I've always had not-so-awesome cars. This is my first really grown-up, nice car that was actually the car I wanted and not just the car I could afford. I wanted her to have an honorable name that was evidence of her loveliness and how much I cared about her.

Q: Tell me about when you got your car.

A: I got it new from the dealership. I walked in not really thinking I would get a new car. My old car had a bunch of mechanical problems. My credit wasn't so great, so I stopped in the dealership thinking, maybe. Then, like five hours later, I left with a car.

Q: So you got the car not knowing you were going to get it? Did you put any research or thought into it before you bought it?

A: Nope. I'm not a research consumer whatsoever. I knew I liked the car aesthetically. I'd seen them before.

Q: Wow, that's a pretty big impulse buy, huh?

A: I used to have a Chevy Cobalt, which was fine, but it was starting to get a little older and have the types of problems where every other month you had to pay to get something fixed. I needed something new.

Q: Ah, I hear you. Do you live around here? What's your zip code?

A: I live in Regent Square. Technically, I actually live in Park Place, but no one ever knows it exists. I live in neighborhood purgatory. No one knows of Park Place, so I just say Regent Square. I'm a 15221 girl.

Q: This is your neck of the woods then?

A: Yes. Park Place is named as such for being in close proximity to the park.

Q: Makes sense. Do you come here often?

A: Not often, but regularly. It's so huge that there are parts of it that I drive to and parts of it I can walk to from my house.

Q: What is Sparkle Pony's main use?

A: I use her for work and play. I drive to work every day and I also commute for my job. Then I drive all over town doing awesome Pittsburgh things.

Q: You use your car for work, cool. What do you do for a living?

A: I'm a social worker. I see people in their homes.

Q: Other than driving to work, you said you use your car for play. Where do you drive to for that?

A: Unlike some Pittsburghers, I am not one of those people who doesn't cross rivers. I go anywhere. I live in the east and work in the east, so I go to Monroeville for shopping, also to Shadyside. But then I go to the North Hills, or the South Hills, too. Otherwise, it's just whatever comes up.

Q: You seem pretty happy with Sparkle Pony. I wouldn't imagine you're thinking of getting another new car any time soon, but what's your ultimate dream car?

A: When I got this car, I saw my dream car at the dealership. I didn't know it was my dream car until I saw it on the dealership floor though: a hot pink Dodge Charger, like the ones that "The Dukes of Hazzard" drive. It was ridiculous. It had the two exhausts, but was glorious. It's such a muscle car, which is not really my style, but I would drive the crap out of that car.

Photos and interview by Sarah Beth Martin

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