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Clark Wants To Remain A Steeler

PITTSBURGH (KDKA 93-7 The Fan)- The Steelers enter the 2013 season with a veteran secondary, anchored by safeties Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark.

Some critics mention their ages, and Clark told Bob Pompeani that criticism is nothing new.

"They've been saying that we're too old probably about four or five years now," Clark said. "Eventually they're going to get it correct and we will be too old. If they keep saying it, it'll work. But right now we are leaning on that wisdom, leaning on that experience."

Clark is entering the final season of his contract and Clark said that he would like to stay in Pittsburgh.

"I would like to know that this is going to be where I'm going to end my career," Clark said. "I've been two other places, but those two other places only count in the sense that they got me to be a Pittsburgh Steeler. This is where I want to be, I want to be one of those guys who's considered a Steeler for life, so we'll see how it works out."

The Steelers have to replace Mike Wallace as wide receiver, but Clark is very impressed by the club's third-round draft pick.

"Markus Wheaton is better than Michael Wallace at everything but one thing: speed," Clark said. Clark added that it's not a knock on Wallace, but he thinks Wheaton is ready to step in and play.

Ryan Clark

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