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Chelsa Wagner Goes On Trial For Resisting, Obstructing Charges She Faces In Detroit

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The trial for Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner is now underway in Detroit.

Twelve jurors were seated this morning, along with two alternates, to hear the case against the Allegheny County official. The jury is composed of 11 men and two women, according to a reporter from The Detroit News.

The process was pushed back because of a snowstorm in Michigan on Tuesday. The court ran out of potential jurors because many did not show up due to the wintry weather.

Wagner's charged with resisting and obstructing police following an incident with Detroit police in a hotel last March.

Police say she interfered with them when they tried to remove her husband, Khari Mosley, from the hotel. But Wagner says she and her husband are victims and that police acted improperly.

Assistant prosecutor Erika Tursar presented her opening statements first, The Detroit News reports. The prosecutor told the court that when the police entered the couple's hotel room "things got a little weird."

Once in custody, Tursar said Wagner told the officers: "'I'm the highest ranking official in my county; this is gonna be fun.'"

The Detroit News reports that Tursar went on to say, "She wanted to get arrested. [During the ride to jail], she's telling them they're 'scoundrels;' she's asking [cops] if they're smoking crack. And that's why we're here today... because rules apply to everyone."

It was then the defense's turn to present their opening statements. According to The Detroit News attorney Charles Longstreet told the court of the night of the arrests: "They find Chelsa Wagner in her bed sound asleep. She's half-asleep, answering questions in an odd way. She's gonna tell you she's sound asleep; she doesn't remember."

Following opening statements, the court broke for lunch and resumed at 12:30 p.m. as the prosecution began calling witnesses to the stand.

The first was a hotel employee who claimed to have smells alcohol on Mosley, The Detroit News reports.

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