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Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner Arrested After Altercation

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner has been arrested and detained in Detroit.

KDKA has learned that Wagner was arrested and detained following an altercation with police.

No charges have been filed yet.

Wagner was attending a night at the symphony with her husband, Khari Mosley, on Tuesday.

After the concert, Wagner was arrested at the Westin Book Cadillac hotel during an altercation with hotel security and police.

"She was arrested. There's no charges. There's no warrant and Controller Wagner is a victim of a very large misunderstanding by some hotel security and Michigan Police," Wagner's attorney Heather Heidelbaugh said.

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According to Heidelbaugh, Wagner had gone to bed while her husband stayed in the lobby, but he discovered he had lost his room key card. Since he and Wagner have different last names, the hotel allegedly would not give Mosley another card.

Heidelbaugh says a police officer and a security guard brought Mosley to the room in handcuffs and told Wagner they both had to leave.

"So she was very, very concerned about what was going on and why security was there and why the police were there, and they were providing her with no information," Heidelbaugh said.

According to Heidelbaugh, a police officer threw Wagner to the ground, bruising her shoulder, and took her to jail in her pajamas. She described Wagner as distraught and injured.

"I think her back hurts, I think her wrist hurts and I think what happened was something a guest of a hotel who loses a key card should never have happen to them," Heidelbaugh said.

According to new information from Detroit Police and The Detroit News, however, Detroit City Police Chief James Craig said this about the incident:

"She grabbed officer's jacket first; she was interfering and tried to block the elevator ... The officers were being very polite, saying 'ma'am, please.' At some point she decided to grab the officer, and he pushed her off him. She started to fall, and the officer tried to grab her to break her fall, because he didn't want her to be injured."

Chief James Craig also says Wagner's husband was under the influence of alcohol and they would be filing charges against Wagner.

Detroit Police say they have body cam footage of the incident, and they are trying to decide if they will be releasing that body cam footage.

Heidelbaugh says this all could have been handled differently by the hotel and the police.

"All that had to be done was ask Mr. Mosley to stay down in the lobby, go up, knock on the door, say, 'You know, your husband's down here. He's forgotten his key card. Are you married to Mr. Mosley?' And that would have been it. So there was a whole raft of errors, it appears," Heidelbaugh said.

Wagner has been released from jail, and she and her husband were on their way back to Pittsburgh on Thursday.

Heidelbaugh says Wagner will be holding a press conference here in Pittsburgh when she returns.

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