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CMU Officials Reassuring Community After Disturbing Anti-Semitic Scribbles Found In Library Book

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Carnegie Mellon University is taking action after a student reported finding anti-Semitic remarks inside of a campus library book.

CMU sophomore Adira Rosen says she found several pages of anti-Semitic comments and symbols filling a book called "The Passing Game."

Rosen checked out the book, which explores the connection between Judaism and the LGBTQ community, at the Hunt Library.

"It was a late-night writing session, and I picked up the book, opened it, and it fell open directly to page seven, where I found the writing, 'Jews have no business at CMU,'" said Rosen.

Directly below that, Rosen spotted another message someone had written, saying "You Are Right" with a smiley face. Underneath that, a large swastika filled the page.

And, on top of all that, two other swastikas were found in the book.

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"It was a shock, definitely. Especially following the shooting at Tree of Life, and I found the book almost exactly a month after the shooting," said Rosen.

CMU's president sent out an e-mail to his students condemning the messages.

He said in part:

"We reject bigotry in all its forms. It has no place in society. To members of the Jewish faith who are feeling especially vulnerable right now, please know that we are committed to providing a safe environment for our entire community, and, especially in the wake of the violence at Tree of Life Synagogue, we are maintaining the highest level of vigilance."

KDKA's Amy Wadas Reports:


"I feel so bad for that community. Especially because they are welcome people here," said CMU Masters student Alyssa Brandt.

"There were a lot of people affected by that, and to pile on to that is just not okay," said CMU senior Kaily Bruch.

CMU's president is urging anyone who might know something about this incident to contact campus police immediately.

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