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Butler Firefighter Credited For Saving Newborn's Life

BUTLER (KDKA) -- A City of Butler firefighter is credited with saving a newborn's life. The baby girl was just minutes old when she needed immediate care.

First responders were called to the mother's house after her water broke. The baby was delivered at the family's home, but the infant wasn't breathing.

When Jim Reeder, a Butler firefighter and EMT, arrived at the home, he immediately stepped in and rendered aid to the baby girl. He repeatedly worked on the baby until paramedics arrived.

He's being hailed a hero for keeping the newborn alive.

"Yeah, we helped, I would say. I don't like to think of it like that, you know, I didn't do anything different than anybody else would've did that day," said Reeder.

The mother and the baby were both taken to the hospital and are in good condition.

Reeder and his partner, Lt. Donald Crawford both hope to reconnect with the mother and her baby again.

"Hopefully one day we'll get to see mom and baby," said Crawford.

"We're just really happy everything worked out and we were able to help and assist," said Reeder. "It ended up being a good day."

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