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Braddock's Fetterman Ready To Launch General Election Campaign With Gov. Wolf

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BRADDOCK (KDKA) -- Braddock Mayor John Fetterman is taking in as much family time as he can, because he knows campaigning for lieutenant governor is going to keep him busy.

But he says he's ready to hit the ground running.

"We had lunch with Gov. [Tom] Wolf in York, actually just a few miles from where I grew up," said Fetterman.

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Fetterman said he and Gov. Wolf are launching their general election campaign next week in Philadelphia. One thing weighing on Fetterman's mind, whether or not he will be able to continue in the role of mayor once he starts campaigning.

"I have to have that discussion with our local council and see what we decide," said Fetterman. "I want to make sure I always do right by the community."

The community is standing behind him.

"Personally, couldn't find more of a distinguished person," said Braddock resident Mark Marcellius.

Marcellius has lived in Braddock off and on for 64 years. He's proud of what Fetterman has done for the business district. Others who don't even live in the borough said they've really noticed a change. They believe he's a step in the right direction for the state.

"He's a progressive mind. He stands for a lot of values younger people and under-represented communities hold as important," said Mt. Washington resident Ryan Collins.

As far as Fetterman possibly vacating his seat as mayor, some residents of Braddock are ready to see what happens.

"I'm pretty sure he will have someone step in his shoes, but it's a stepping stone for the next step in his political career," said Marcellius.

Fetterman said if he becomes Pennsylvania's next lieutenant governor in November, he plans on keeping his home in Braddock and has no plans on moving to Harrisburg. He said he wants to continue to be a visible face in his community.

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