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'Black Activist And Organizer Collective' Delivers List Of Police Reform Demands To City, County Officials

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The "Black Activist and Organizer Collective" hand delivered a list of 12 demands for police reform to City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County officials Monday.

The group of organizers and activists, standing on the steps to the City-County Building, say they are not satisfied with Mayor Bill Peduto's plan for police reform here in the City of Pittsburgh. They also voiced disapproval with the response from Allegheny County officials as well.

"We will come see you and we will tell you what we need from you," Brittani Murray, a member of the collective, said.

Peduto announced his support for the "8 Can't Wait" ​campaign earlier this month. It is aimed at decreasing police brutality through eight different reform policies.

But the group says the systemic problems throughout the United States are much bigger than the recommendations​ mapped out in the "8 Can't Wait" campaign and that it's not comprehensive enough to make substantial change.

Some of the policies listed in the campaign have already been implemented in Pittsburgh and other police departments.

The group says that "Allegheny County has a history of police brutality that still exists today."

So, they have listed these demands:

  • Defund the police, and fund black communities
  • Demilitarize the police
  • End criminalization of black people
  • Remove police from schools
  • Make collective bargaining with police public
  • Terminate FOP president Robert Swartzwelder
  • Disband private police departments
  • End "No Knock" warrants
  • Cease partnership with ICE
  • End cash bail
  • Release all vulnerable individuals from Allegheny County Jail
  • Create an independent and fully-funded police review board

The Black Activist and Organizer Collective includes communities leaders and groups like State Rep. Summer Lee, County Council Member Olivia Bennett, The Alliance for Police Accountability and several others.

The group delivered their list of demands to Mayor Peduto's executive assistant first, and then walked over to County Executive Rich Fitzgerald's office.

"Every time there is some kind of police issue in this county, the only change that happens is here in the City of Pittsburgh," said Fawn Walker, another member of the collective. "Jonny Gammage was murdered by police on Brentwood, but the change happened here in the City of Pittsburgh."

The collective says it wants a response in seven days.

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