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Best Spring Beauty Tips And Trends From A Pittsburgh Beauty Guru

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As the days get longer and the weather starts to warm, it is time to refresh our home, our wardrobe and our style. If you are ready to try some new trends for spring, local stylist Carla Chichilla has some ideas to help you look your best as the weather warms up. Chichilla has been a licensed esthetician in the state of PA since 2001. She attended Pittsburgh Beauty Academy and has studied skincare, makeup and massage at Jacques Dessange in Paris, France and Washington DC. Carla has been with La Pomponnee Salon and Spa in Mt. Lebanon since 2008.

La Pomponnee Spa And Salon
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(412) 563-3990

Start Your Spring Glow:
BB Cream Tinted Moisturizers are an all-in-one foundation, moisturizer, blemish corrector and sunscreen. These new formulas give lightweight tinted coverage, smoothing out color variations of the face while keeping skin hydrated. Plus, they contain sun protection for a one-step process. A BB cream will help to speed up your beauty routine and lighten up your cosmetics use for the spring.

Freshen Up Your Hair Color:
Ombre, a new trend in hair color, is to fade color from light to dark, or dark to light. Blonde to red, red to brown, or brown to blonde. The Ombre technique can even be used to add funky and fun color, such as pink, blue and green in variations on the hair. This fun trend can be applied differently for everyone from the serious career girl to the carefree college student.

Spruce Up Your Nails:
Using a two-tone nail polish, again, in an ombre fashion, will give you an instant and inexpensive spring style update. You can also try using a second color on one nail on each hand or some added nail flair such as pearls or rhinestones. Now that your gloves are off, everyone will be sure to notice your nails.

Try A Carefree Hair Style:
Braiding is becoming very popular over having just a boring ponytail. The look can take you from a day of shopping to formal styling and bridal hair. The most popular braid is the Fishbone braid, that looks like an inside out braiding technique, that can be worn down or twisted into an elegant updo.

Start Your Spring Maintenance:
Having perfectly groomed eyebrows never goes out of style. A natural line is best, to not look too dramatic or theatrical. There's not need to over pluck, but a nice wax to even things out will give a fresh look to your face and open up your eyes. Begin bikini and leg waxing now too, so the hair will begin to grow on a schedule and be nice and smooth for when it's time to wear shorts and swimsuits.

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