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Best Spring 2014 Theater Productions In Pittsburgh

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Spring has sprung, and the best way to celebrate the re-emergence of new life is to get dressed up and hit the town for a night of sophistication. Below you'll find the five most highly-anticipated spring productions in Pittsburgh, brought to you by the masterminds behind Pittsburgh Public Theatre, Pittsburgh CLO and Pittsburgh Musical Theater. Many tickets are available in advance, and the best part is that the early bird grabs the savings. Attend one performance, or all five, and rest assured knowing you're supporting such an important component of Pittsburgh's cultural fabric.

City Theatre Company
1300 Bingham St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
(412) 431-2489 

Date: March 29 - May 4, 2014

George Brant, of Defiant, Grizzle Mama and Any Other Name, has sincerely done Women's Lib right. "Grounded" is the one-woman-act that follows an unnamed hotshot fighter pilot who finds herself suddenly and unexpectedly pregnant while on home leave. She must choose between the adrenaline rush of her current occupation and the pull toward being the best mother she can possibly be. Eventually as the pilot is reassigned upon return to the battlefield and must learn to juggle her high-stress day job while being a nurturing mother at night, we watch our one-woman powerhouse begin to fray. Beautifully written, intense and succinct, this performance gets right to the point, and leaves the audience pondering their own life choices.

Ring of Fire
Pittsburgh CLO Cabaret
719 Liberty Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 281-3973

Date: May 22 - Aug. 17, 2014

"Ring of Fire," an adaptation of the Broadway musical of the same name, is a journey into the heart of one of America's most beloved musicians, the incomparable Johnny Cash. In "Ring of Fire," an exquisite cast takes its audience on a stirring escapade of fortune and failure all within the vein of Cash's humor and honesty. The production features over 30 of Cash's hits, such as the smash hit "I Walk the Line," plus "Country Boy," "A Thing Called Love," "The Man in Black" "Daddy Sang Bass," "I've Been Everywhere," and his last hit, "Hurt." If you or a loved one is a Cash aficionado, be sure not to miss this outstanding production. Remember: theater tickets make great gifts.

Off the Wall Theater
25 W. Main St.
Carnegie, PA 15106
(724) 873-3576

Date: May 2-17, 2014

A love-starved couple in early 80s Manhattan grapple to keep up with the Jones' during this darkly comedic story. When the pair take in a young Slavic nanny to care for their two children, they learn about her deep obsession with the prizefighter Muhammed Ali. The couple learns the value of what's really important in life, while also learning to navigate the oft-overlooked art of gratitude. "Cheeky", "Well written", and "Stark" were all superlatives given to this neat little noir play straight from the underbelly of off-Broadway productions.

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Benedum Center
237 7th St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 456-6666

Date: March 11-16, 2014

Taking home the coveted Tony award for Best Music is certainly no easy feat – but the smash success "Once" succeeded. Part of the charm of this critically acclaimed musical is that the wildly talented ensemble plays their own instruments onstage. Following the career of a struggling Dublin street musician who is on the cusp of throwing his dreams down the drain, the audience is introduced to a lovely young woman who suddenly takes an inexplicable interest in the young man's melancholy melodies. As the pair fall into an overpowering love, the man's songs reach greater musical heights. A captivating, gripping tale, you're certain to leave "Once" feeling both deeply satisfied and with a sense of longing.

Sean Dorsey Dance: The Secret History of Love
Kelly Strayhorn Theater
5941 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
(412) 363-3000

Date: April 4-5, 2014

Based on true accounts of decades-old tales of love, this performance lends insight into how LGBT individuals have survived tremendous obstacles and overcome the most extreme adversity throughout our history. Wartime love affairs, police raids, speakeasies and racy underground cabarets are brought to glorious life onstage by the transgender powerhouse Sean Dorsey. There's truly nobody better than Dorsey, a supremely talented choreographer and multi-award winning director, to bring to Pittsburgh an open a window into the mystifying world of the transgender experience.

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Nikki Tiani-Moroney is a full time mum of two boys, wife of a professional poker player/photographer/amateur pencil-sharpening competitor and writer from Pittsburgh, PA. When she isn't studiously neglecting her housework in favor of a good book, she's out simultaneously fighting crime and picking up sidewalk litter while savoring an occasional cigarette. Her work can be found at

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