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Antwon Rose Shooting Trial: B-PEP CEO Complains About Lack Of Seating At Trial

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Inside the Allegheny County Courthouse at the trial of Michael Rosfeld, many people are complaining that there is not enough room in courtroom or auxiliary courtroom for spectators to watch the proceedings.

When Antwon Rose II was shot by former East Pittsburgh Police Officer Rosfeld, it sparked weeks of protests that shut down local streets and roadways.

The 17-year-old was shot and killed last June, and now that the trial has begun those who want a front row seat of the legal proceedings say they are finding there are not enough seats to accommodate the crowd.

antwon rose trial
Photo Credit: KDKA

Tim Stevens, the CEO of B-PEP, says the courts should have anticipated the crowds.

Stevens wrote a letter addressed to President Judge Kim Clark and Allegheny County DA Stephan Zappala complaining about the problem, saying many had waited in line for more than an hour, only to find out there was no room in the main courtroom.

Many were told to go to a larger courtroom with a monitor to watch the proceeding, but Stevens says in this courtroom, those in attendance had difficulty hearing the attorneys. He goes on to say that the larger courtroom would have had enough seating for everyone.

KDKA's Brenda Waters called the DA about the letter and was told it was not his call and that the matter should be handled by the court administrator. Clark said a larger courtroom is not available, saying "it's an old courthouse and it is what it is."

She went on to say additional chairs have been added to the overflow courtroom and the issue of the sound will be dealt with as well.


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