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7 Things You Should Not Buy This Holiday Season

By John P. Wise/KDKA-TV

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- This time of year, online shoppers are bombarded with articles and emails about holiday sales and last-minute gift ideas.

But do you ever think about what you should not buy in December?

If you're like us, the answer is no.

But a personal loan site called has posted a list of the seven things to resist as you check off your list.

Cameras: If you can wait just a few weeks, sale prices might drop in late January, after the Consumer Electronics Show, as older models are discounted to make room for the new releases.

Exercise equipment: Everyone's trying to lose 10 pounds in the new year, right? Some prefer to do that at home; waiting until February sales could save you some money.

Holiday décor: Just like fun-size candy on Nov. 1, holiday decorations will be on sale on Dec. 26.

Luggage: Sales are plentiful around the holidays, but even moreso at the end of summer after the busy travel season.

Jewelry: The summer months might be the best time to buy jewelry because there are fewer gift-giving holidays. Mid-April also is a popular time for savings, right after tax season.

Power tools: Americans celebrate Father's Day in June, but they can also celebrate the deals available on tools. Oftentimes, prices drop about 25 percent if you're shopping for the Tim Taylor in your life.

Laptops: If you can wait eight months, back-to-school season usually brings the best discounts, especially if you're OK buying a laptop model that's at least a year old.

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