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3 DIY Jewelry Organizers For Mother's Day Gifts To Make Mom's Life Easier

Moms love jewelry for Mother's Day, but how are they going to organize all their new sparkly accessories? To make their day even more special, dads and kids can work together to make some DIY organizers that will make it easy to keep Mom's keepsakes from tangling. Plus, doing a DIY project together means Dad and the kiddo get to spend some quality time together -- it's a win-win!
Get Crafty with Recyclables
Jewelry Organization Hanging
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Before you toss out the recycling, get crafty and creative by taking a recyclable, cleaning it off, and repurposing it. Lots of things can work, but perhaps the easiest of all is a sturdy shoe box. Other materials you'll need include skewers (either wooden or metal), beads, and an old compact mirror. Use the skewers and push them through both sides of the shoe box, and then secure it with the beads so the skewers don't move. You can then attach the compact mirror to the shoebox flap. This kind of jewelry organizer is perfect for earrings, and when the shoebox top is closed, it's easily transportable too.

Other recyclables you can use are old paper towel rolls. Cover them in fabric or scrapbooking paper, and put them in a larger box. This way the lady in your life can easily organize her bracelets and watches.

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Repurpose Wood
Wooden Dowels
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You don't need to be a handyman around the house to make these DIY jewelry organizers. One wooden organizer can be simply made with one long piece of wood that's been resurfaced and/or painted as well as dowels (or even wine corks); and the kids can help by painting those dowels or corks before they're installed on the wood. Whether they're painted in an ombre way or with decorative designs is totally up to you and the kiddos.

For something a touch more creative, repurpose an old jenga set (or buy a set without the logo). With some painter's tape, you can tape off the jenga pieces and have the kids paint all the ends. This will make the piece more than just an organizer; it'll also be an art installation all its own! The ideas don't have to stop there, though. You can make the organizer a bit more 'natural' looking by using actual sticks! A little bit of paint can add some awesome color to this DIY piece.

Build A Pegboard
Pegboard Jewelry
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Having one big jewelry organizer as a gift for the lady in your life can be a wonderful thing. And a project of this size doesn't have to be intimidating. All this project requires is a pegboard and then installing a frame around it for cleaner edges, and all the materials can be bought at your local hardware store. To help it fit into the room, don't be afraid to add a coat of colorful paint, too.

One last note: If it's a wall organizer that you're making for her, there's one last thing you can do for her this Mother's Day - install it on the wall for her, too.

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