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2 Pennsylvania State Senators Propose Bill Allowing Parents To 'Opt-Out' Of School Mask Mandates

HARRISBURG (KDKA) - Two Republican state senators want families to be able to "opt-out" of any school mask mandates.

This is a trend that's become an option for school districts across the state as people have grown tired of wearing masks.

State senators Doug Mastriano along with Judy Ward have a bill prepared that would let parents complete a form to opt-out of mask mandates, taking the decision out of the hands of public health leaders.

However, the CDC has currently recommended universal mask-wearing for K-12 schools as the delta variant is surging.

This was proposed during a meeting earlier this week, with State Health Director Allison Beam saying it was "another layer of protection."

She said that they help reduce transmission and preserve in-person education.

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