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Zeoli Show Log 4.21.15

3:02pm- The Supreme Court ruled on Rodriguez v. United States. 

3:05pm- Rand Paul called John McCain and Lindsey Graham "lapdogs for President Obama."

3:13pm- Representative Adam Schiff believes "death to america" chants in Iran could mean several different things.

3:22pm- Kraft Macaroni & Cheese will no longer be bright orange.

3:34pm- According to Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, fewer minorities want careers as police officers.

4:02pm- Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price dropped 77 f-bombs in 5 and a half minutes during a press conference.

4:12pm- Chris Christie may be shifting focus from Iowa to New Hampshire.

4:18pm- TSA employees will now be subjected to more thorough security checks.

4:34pm- Rich is joined by Dennis Hof and Krissy Summers from the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. The two talk about why they are endorsing Hillary Clinton.

5:04pm- The Phillies will honor Jackie Robinson at tonight's game.

5:17pm- Jeb Bush called the NSA the best thing the Obama's Administration has done.

5:41pm- A reporter clashed with State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf.

5:49pm- The Mayfair tire slasher was forced to sell his house.

5:51pm- A bride plays Metallica at her wedding.

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