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Zeoli Show Log 09.20.16

3pm -  Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton lacks 'moral clarity' to be president

3:20pm  - Trump Denounces Bombing Suspect's Hospitalization and Right to an Attorney

4pm - Ahmad Khan Rahami's Father Gave Police Terrorism Tip in '14, Officials Say

4:20pm - President Obama participates in refugee summit meeting

4:30pm - Gov.  Ed Rendell discussed the Wentz wagon, the FOP endorsement of Donald Trump, and the latest poll numbers.

5pm - Trump Dismisses Debate Moderator Lester Holt as a 'Democrat' (He's Actually a Republican)

5:05pm - Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt

5:20pm - Hillary Clinton Vows to Speak 'Directly to White People' to Stop Racial Police Shootings

5:30pm - Rich spoke with Ann Coulter regarding Donald Trump's immigration stance, 'In Trust You' and her appearance in Philadelphia at WPHT's Speaker Series.

5:50pm - Trump Campaign's New Ad Features Praise from Sean Hannity


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