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Zeoli Show Log 07.29.15

3pm - Gov. Scott Walker visits Philadelphia and angers the locals.

3:15pm -  Walter J. Palmer accused of killing the beloved, Cecil the Lion.

3:45pm - Donald Trump yells at breast pump lawyer.

3:50pm - Hillary Clinton's $600 haircut.

4pm - Planned Parenthood video initiates Senate's vote.

4:15pm - Republican debate grows near.

4:20pm - Gov. Chris Christie doubles on marijuana debate.

4:25pm - Kenny stands by sanctuary city comments.

4:30pm - Columnist Tom Rogan of the National Review Online discussed his latest article, Inexcusable Release of Jonathan Pollard.

4:50pm - Should you continue watching shows/movies that are horrible?

4:55pm - Donald Trump discusses Tom Brady's action.

5pm - Cecil The Lion's funeral

5:30pm - Judge threatens the IRS Commissioners and attorneys

5:35pm - Rep. Chaka Fattah indicted in conspiracy

5:40pm - Jon Stewart reveals details regarding his secret meetings with President Obama.

5:50pm - Matt Brouillette, President of the Commonwealth Foundation, spoke with Rich regarding the Townhall meeting and the Presidential Race.








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