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Zeoli Show Log 05.31.17

3pm- According to a report, President Trump is expected to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

3:05pm- A day after Kathy Griffin posted a controversial photo on Twitter, CNN has decided to fire the comedian from it's New Years Eve Broadcast. 

3:20pm- Because the Paris Climate Change Agreement wasn't ratified following the treaty rules outlined in the Constitution, President Trump has the power to withdraw from the pact.

3:25pm- Kathy Griffin apologized for having posted an unsettling image of President Donald Trump.

3:30pm- Despite the controversial picture, Sen. Al Franken stated that he still intends to participate in a planned public appearance with Kathy Griffin. 

3:35pm- Scott Pelley has been forced out of his spot as CBS Evening News anchor; he will remain a part of 60 Minutes.

3:50pm- What did Donald Trump mean when he tweeted the word 'covfefe'?

4:25pm- Keith Olbermann has called for the immediate arrest of Jared Kushner following the release of a Washington post article suggesting Kushner attempted to set up a back channel way to communicate with Russian officials. 

4:30pm- Attorney and Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz has expressed fear that civil liberties in America may be under attack. 

5:05pm- While speaking at Recode's Code Conference, Hillary Clinton blamed her presidential loss on the press which she claims treated her private email server as if it were Pearl Harbor.

5:15pm- The House Intelligence Committee has issued several subpoenas for it's Russian election interference investigation. Gen. Micheal Flynn and former Obama administration National Security Adviser Susan Rice were among those subpoenaed.

5:25pm- The Pennsylvania Supreme Court unanimously ruled in favor of a grandmother in a civil asset forfeiture case. The woman's house was seized by the Philadelphia District Attorney despite the fact that she was never charged with a crime.

5:35pm- claims that pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord is morally disgraceful and will have a disproportionately negative affect on the poor.

5:50pm- While speaking before The Commonwealth Club, Rep. Nancy Pelosi said she had a hard time referring to Donald Trump as President.


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