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Zeoli Show Log 05.31.16

3pm - Pundits and the Media Finally Catch Up to Rich

3:20pm - Donald Trump Details $5.6M in Charitable Contributions to Veterans' Groups

3:25pm - Donald Trump Calls ABC Reporter 'A Sleaze' In Bizarre Press Conference

3:35pm - 'We'd make the same decision,' zoo director says of gorilla shooting

3:40pm - Black Outrage Over Gorilla Shot To Protect 'White Privilege'

4:30pm - Rich spoke with Gov. Ed Rendell regarding the Hillary Clinton e-mail saga, the Democratic National Convention and the shooting of the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo.

5pm - DOJ fights federal judge's order for lawyers to attend ethics training

5:10pm - Katie Couric takes blame for 'misleading' gap edited into gun documentary

5:20pm - Sanders: People Should "Take A Hard Look" At State Dept. Report About Clinton Emails; "I Don't Have To Tell Them"

5:25pm - VIDEO: Americans Have No Idea What Memorial Day Is

5:35pm - Would Donald Trump have killed the gorilla?

5:40pm - Pakistani men can beat wives 'lightly' to punish them




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