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Zeoli Show Log 04.18.16

3pm - John Heilemann on Trump's "Most Sophisticated" Campaign Jiu Jitsu Tactic Yet

3:20pm - Cruz: "I Have Zero Interest Whatsoever" in Being Trump's VP; "If Donald Is The Nominee, Hillary Wins"

3:30pm -  Stories about President Clinton's Peyronie's disease

3:50pm - Julia Louis-Dreyfus Saturday Night Live: The Best & Worst Sketches

4pm - John R. Schindler, National Security Columnist for the New York Observer discussed his article, Uncovering the Hidden Truths of 9/11.

4:22pm - One Flyers forward thinks the close calls are going the Caps' way

4:25pm - Disney Movies for Children that really speak to adults

4:30pm - The Republican Party is a Private Club Just Like Trump's International Golf Course

4:50pm - Happy Tax Day.

5pm - Supreme Court Appears Divided on Obama's Immigration Plan

5:20pm - columnist Joe Concha discussed his article, In Its Efforts to Rewrite Political History, Here's Other Scandals HBO Should Make Movies About.

5:30pm - Movie Ideas for HBO

5:50pm - Here's What Hot Sauce Hillary Clinton Keeps in Her Bag




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