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Zeoli Show Log 03.11.16

3pm - Could John Kasich be a contender?

3:15pm - Dr. Ben Carson: There Are Two Donald Trump's

3:30pm - Nancy Reagan funeral draws political heavyweights, stars from bygone era

3:50pm - Barack Obama flies to SXSW festival as Nancy Reagan's funeral

4pm - Dr. Mazz discussed carbs being just as bad as cigarettes and opioid drug addiction.

4:20pm - Talk Radio 1210's Whiskey Night 

4:30pm - Hillary's Other Server Scandal

4:50pm - Caitlyn Jenner: The "Country Is Over" If Hillary Clinton Is Elected President

5pm - Rubio shifts tactics; Trump sticks to themes, seeks unity at subdued GOP debate

5:20pm - The New York Observer's Senior Editor Kara Smoke discussed her article, Gawker Lawyer Grills Journalism Prof Over Ethics of Hulk Hogan Case.

5:30pm - The Real or Fake Game

5:40pm - Sarah Silvermans Adolf Hitler Rejects Trump Comparisons on Conan

5:50pm - Networks Have Conducted 69 Phone Interviews With Trump In The Past 69 Days



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