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What's Cooking On 1060: Organic Produce, Edible Bugs At South Jersey Market

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (CBS) - This weekend is opening weekend for MOM's Organic Market in Cherry Hill, a grocery store unlike any you've probably seen before.

MOM's manager Jen Weigel says there will be all kinds of food tastings, demonstrations and kids activities during the first weekend, but she says you should really check out the grocery store because…

"We carry 100% organic produce all the time. We will never carry any conventional produce. We have extremely high ingredient standards, we have an ingredient ban list with over 100 items that we just would never carry. We start all of our employees at a $12 minimum wage. We promote from within, I mean, our purpose first and foremost is to protect and restore the environment."

And since the environment and the ability to grow food depends on bees…

"We have hives for sale, beekeeping suits, smokers, all kinds of good stuff for beekeeping," she says.

Weigel says also sell insects to eat:

"Mealworms, crickets, cricket protein bars, salted chocolate crickets, lime chili crickets and pumpkin seeds. A lot of other cultures eat bugs on the regular and it's a great way to get protein into your system and it's sustainable."

moms market bugs
Weigel shows off the new MOM's Cherry Hill store's bulk mealworms and crickets for sale. (Credit: Hadas Kuznits)

Speaking of sustainability…

"This is our vast wall of beverages," says Weigel, "and what's one thing that you don't see here that you would see in another grocery store?"

(Reporter) "Bottled water?"

(Weigel) "That's exactly right!"

This is the second MOM's in the area. The first one is in Bryn Mawr.

A third store is scheduled to open in Center City in January.

Hear the full podcast (runs 12:20)…

And for this week, that's "What's Cooking on 1060!"


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