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What's Cooking on 1060: 'Puppy Bowl' Treats and a 'Super Bowl Sundae'

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- This weekend is Super Bowl Sunday. In this week's segment of What's Cooking on 1060, KYW's Hadas Kuznits has the menu of the official "Puppy Bowl" viewing party in Philadelphia -- and a local ice cream shop is offering a Super Bowl-themed sundae.

Lewis Checchia, CEO of Morris Animal Refuge, says they're partnering with a local restaurant for Philadelphia's official Puppy Bowl viewing party.

"This year Morris Animal Refuge has two puppies in the Puppy Bowl competing."

Erin Wallace, owner of Devil's Den says the menu is dog-related, of course.

"We're starting off with some 'puppies in a blanket,' which will be an all-beef hot dog wrapped in puff pastry and then the chefs put together a special hot dog themed menu. We have the dirt German Shephard, which is an all-beef hot dog with sauerkraut and mustard. We're doing a Chihuahah which has pico deguillo, we even have the Pomeranian which will be falafel balls."

Wallace also points out they're partnering with Dogfish Head Brewery who are not only providing specialty beers -- but dog treats.

"They use their spent grain from their brewery and send it to a company and the company makes dog treats out of them."

Hear the full podcast with Checchia (runs 8:19)…

On the same day, Andy Satinsky of Weckerly's Ice Cream, says they're offering a one-day-only nacho sundae.

"It's a sundae that looks like nachos, tastes like ice cream."

Andy Satinsky, Weckerly's Ice Cream (credit: Hadas Kuznits)

It's a fundraiser.

"And all of the profits from the sale of this sundae are going to raise awareness about immigrant workers rights in restaurants."


Hear the full podcast with Satinsky (runs 8:06)…

And for this week, that's "What's Cooking on 1060!"


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