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What's Cooking on 1060: New Venezuelan Restaurant

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- There are not a lot of Venezuelan restaurants in Philadelphia. A new restaurant just off South Street brings the flavors of South America to life.

Simon Arends is co-owner of Puyero at 524 S. 4th Street.

"Puyero means a ton in Venezuelan slang."

How does Arends charactarize Venezuelan food?

"I would say it's very similar to maybe what Caribbean food is all about. We have a lot of beans and plantain in it."

So what's their signature dish?

"We have the Arrepa which is the comfort food of Venezuela. We have that for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They're corn flour patties, they're crunchy on the outside and then fluffy on the inside, and then we've got so many different juicy and exotic fillings that we want to fill those with."

And he points out another highlight at the restaurant are their juices and specialty drinks.

"We have a cilantro lemonade, we have sugar cane sweetened water with a bit of lime and we also have tamarin juice, it comes from the tamarin fruit; also, the chicha, which is kind of like a shake but it's a rice-based shake."


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