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What's Cooking on 1060: Chinatown Square

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A new multi-use concept food-hall is celebrating its long-anticipated grand opening this weekend in Chinatown.

David Taing, co-owner of Chinatown Square, describes the new space as a multi-use food hall.

"Every window is going to have a food truck feel; so just like a bunch of food truck vendors, in one building."

It's located at 1016 Race Street.

"This was the Shanghai Bazaar, so like a Bazaar -- a little flea market type thing. We dug the floor down about 10 feet, laif the piping and we filled it up with a bunch of vendors."

and those vendors are offering a variety of unique flavors:

"Thai ice cream, we have Middle Eastern, Cambodian, Hawaiian which is Japanese influenced, curry which is Japanese curry and Southeast curry, we've got Bao which is more of a Chinese thing but we infused it so now it's more of an American Chinese thing, we have the Japanese street food and bar and then you have Mexican Korean tacos."

Taing says unlike other food courts, he expects this one to be bustling in the evening as well as during the day:

"So upstairs we have several private karaoke rooms."

Cuisine from the food hall can be ordered upstairs. They will also soon be opening a sit-down Korean restaurant, a lounge and a wine store all on the second floor as well:

"And we will also have a late-night option menu at 1:00 in the morning that's released only at 1:00 in the morning!"

Hear the full podcast (runs 15:57)…

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