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WATCH: Video Captures Driver, 4 Children Being Rescued From Vehicle Swept Away By Floodwaters In Chester County

WEST MARLBOROUGH, Pa. (CBS) -- Two good Samaritans come to the aid of four children and a driver after rushing floodwaters swept their car off of a Chester County road earlier this week. Eyewitness News spoke to one of the men who took part in the harrowing rescue.

Riding on the front of a backhoe, this group of strangers had no idea just how much was at stake ahead.

"This was one of the scariest moments of my life," Dan DiGregorio said.

On Tuesday, the Doe Run Stream in Chester County swelled into a raging river. DiGregorio stopped on higher ground as did another man.

CHESTER CO WATER RESCUE.transfer_frame_831
(credit: Dan DiGregorio)

"We see this car about 300 yards away decide to come towards us," DiGregorio said, "and we're both like, 'Woah, no, no, no.'"

The car was swept out of sight. Two more people pulled up and no one had call service.

"Is there a way to get to these people? We don't know what's going on," DiGregorio said. "It was like a miracle."

A West Marlborough Township worker in a backhoe happened on the scene. The four bystanders jumped in the bucket. In murky water, they located the vehicle and a panicked father.

"You can see he is about 15 feet from his car and just losing it," DiGregorio said.

The man hands off the young child he's holding to the rescuers. Two other young kids make it to the roof of the car, but an older child slipped.

"I can see the fear of this kid looking at me," DiGregorio said.

Forming a human chain, the rescuers pulled the older boy into the bucket.

From another angle, you can see the other two children passed off the car to safety. The father, too, made it on board and the family was ushered to safety.

"I hope one day I will get to remeet that family and make sure they are OK," DiGregorio said. "We were five random people who saw a car get swept away."

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