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WATCH: CBS3's Jim Donovan Attacked By Bees, What Experts Say You Should Do

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - CBS3's Jim Donovan had a close encounter with bees over the weekend. Jim was doing yard work on Saturday when he was attacked by bees, he says at one point he had several dozen bees on him.

He started running around his yard, eventually jumping into his pool.

"This video shows me running around my backyard like a crazy person trying to get away. I ended up jumping in the pool fully clothed to get them off of me." Jim said in a Facebook post.

Watch surveillance video from Jim's backyard below:

2020 can't end soon enough for me. I was attacked by bees this morning doing yard work. (the second attack in a month,...

Posted by Jim Donovan Fans on Saturday, August 22, 2020

Jim had long sleeves and pants on and was only stung six times. Fortunately, he is doing well.

"My ear is swollen and the other sting sites are red, but I'm OK. Benadryl hopefully will keep the swelling down," he said.

Experts say if this ever happens run in a straight line and don't swat the bees because it makes them angry. They also say jumping in a pool is not a good idea because bees will wait for you to resurface and attack again.

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