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VP Of Philadelphia Ad Agency Shares Thoughts On Big Game Commercials

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Chris Stigall spoke with John Camilleri, Senior Vice President at Harmelin Media, Monday morning on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about the efficacy of this year's commercials during the Big Game.

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John Camilleri

Stigall began by asking Camilleri whether the one-sided result of the game would disappoint advertisers, specifically if their commercial aired later in the evening after the result was decided.

According to Camilleri, each client is guaranteed a certain number of viewers by the network, so based on ratings, a commercial may re-air later in the week. Still, it "definitely is a loss because you want the viewers during that Super Bowl. You want the 110 million viewers."

Camilleri also told Stigall he believes this year's batch of commercials was not as high quality as previous years.

"There were a lot of entertaining ads, but they weren't effective," Camilleri says.

He also says that advertisements during the Super Bowl tend to be more entertaining, but "it's these regular spots that you see day in and day out that really get you thinking about the product or the service and then having you go out and buy it."

Camilleri told Stigall he was unimpressed with Chrysler's use of Bob Dylan.

"Not that many people below the age of 40 know who Bob Dylan is…he's not that universally appealing," Camilleri says.

He was also critical of their choice to devote millions of dollars to promote their high-end Maserati brand, calling it "a big waste of money."

Overall, Camilleri thought Doritos was one of the big winners of the night.

"I thought they were very good, and they were right-on in terms of the targeting and the strategy. They didn't cost that much to produce [because] Doritos has taken the strategy where they use user-generated ads and then they have a professional production behind it. They were really homeruns," he explains.

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