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VP Nominee Tim Kaine Impersonates Donald Trump At DNC: 'Believe Me'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- "I humbly accept my party's nomination to be Vice President of the United States," Tim Kaine said on Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention. "I never expected to be here," he added.

Kaine took the opportunity, on the stage, to set the stage for a Clinton/Kaine White House. "Hillary Clinton and I share this basic belief. It's simple. Do all the good you can and serve one another."

Not being the most well-known name on the potential VP list, Kaine introduced himself to many on Wednesday night. He spoke about his rise in Virginia politics that led him from Richmond city council up to Governor of the state.

He spoke about the toughness of Virginians and used the Virginia Tech mass shooting as an example of the state's perseverance. In addition to stronger gun legislation, Kaine spoke about the need for a stronger emphasis on education.

"Education is the key to all we want to be," Kaine said.

Throughout the speech, Kaine showed off his ability to address the convention in both English and Spanish. Chants erupted of 'Si Se Puede," throughout the arena, commonly translated as it can be done.

Donald Trump also received attention from Kaine. "There's nothing bad in my tax returns. Believe me," Kaine said as he did a Donald Trump impression. He asserted that Trump should release his tax returns like other presidential candidates. He attacked the Republican nominee on the grounds that he relies on the phrase "Believe me," in place of giving specifics about what he would do as president.

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