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Veteran Concerned About Future Meals After Food Stamp Budget Cuts

By Ileana Diaz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)--Bill Olson is a veteran and served as a marine in the 1980's and now he tells us it's been hard to get a job.

"Places are not hiring me and I'm looking out every day."

So to stock up his fridge, Olson depends solely on food stamps, and he just found out the stimulus plan that once boosted food stamp assistance is now cutting back

He says, "That got me worried. I don't know how much they are going to take out."

It's a five percent cut for the program, but for people like Bill who value every warm meal they get, it's more devastating than it sounds.

"It hurts me quite a bit because 20 dollars can get you more bread, milk, cereal and lunch meat."

Bill says he cuts costs by keeping meals simple and cheap and says those who need the help are hurting the most

"Elderly people like myself have worked their whole life and now can't work and depend on good stamps."

It could get worse; Congress is considering a bill that could cut $40 billion dollars, leaving people like Bill nervous.

"I have no income, and then no food stamps, how am I supposed to live?"

As veterans like Bill try to rebudget and stay distracted, they're hoping the budget gets resolved

Bill says, "Why doesn't Congress donate their money and keep it the way is and then everyone would be happy."

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