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Trump Sits Down For First Interview Since Election

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- In his first sit-down television interview since the election, President-elect Donald Trump addressed many of the promises he made on the campaign trail with CBS News and "60 Minutes" correspondent, Lesley Stahl.

He also finally responded to disturbing reports coming in across the country of minority harassment and intimidation by people identifying themselves as Trump supporters. One of those incidents happened to African-American freshmen at his alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania.

"I am so saddened to hear that. And I say, 'Stop it.' If it-- if it helps. I will say this, and I will say right to the cameras, 'Stop it,'" he said.

On immigration, he has not abandoned his promise to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump described a top priority on his agenda as deporting 2 to 3 million undocumented immigrants with criminal records.

One issue he appears to have softened on is asking for a special prosecutor to investigate former rival Hillary Clinton over her emails.

"Well, I'll tell you what I'm going to do, I'm going to think about it," he told Stahl. "I feel that I want to focus on jobs, I want to focus on health care, I want to focus on the border and immigration and doing a really great immigration bill."

Though he has plans to repeal and replace Obamacare, Trump said there are provisions in the law he'd like to keep, including making sure that people with pre-existing conditions are still covered and that adult children living with their parents remain covered.

Trump said he intends to appoint a Supreme Court justice who supports the Second Amendment and who identifies as pro-life, as he does.

"Having to do with abortion, if it ever were overturned, it would go back to the states," he said.

"But then some women won't be able to get an abortion?" responded Stahl.

"Yeah, well, they'll perhaps have to go, they'll have to go to another state," Trump replied.

Though it won him the presidency, Trump told Stahl he still believes the U.S. election process is flawed.

"I'm not going to change my mind just because I won," he said. "But I would rather see it where you went with simple votes. You know, you get 100 million votes and somebody else gets 90 million votes and you win. There's a reason for doing this because it brings all the states into play. Electoral College and there's something very good about that. But this is a different system. But I respect it. I do respect the system."

When pressed about releasing his tax returns, Mr. Trump said he would do it eventually, but voters didn't seem to care much about seeing them.

Trump also said he will not take the president's salary, at $400,000 a year.

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