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Philly's So-Called 'Swiss Cheese Pervert' Pleads Guilty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Before his trial was set to begin Thursday, the so-called "Swiss Cheese Pervert" pleaded guilty to several charges.

Christopher Pagano pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent exposure and four counts of harassment.

The 42-year-old received eight years sex offender probation. He was not placed on the Megan's Law list. Pagano must stay away from all four victims and he must also attend a treatment program.

Pagano faced 25 years in prison.

Pagano was originally charged with Stalking, Indecent Exposure, Harassment and Open Lewdness for allegedly harassing four different women.

He was originally arrested back in January after making headlines internationally for a series of alleged bizarre incidents involving Swiss cheese and his genitals (see previous story).

Three women allege Pagano had driven by them and asked them to watch him put Swiss cheese on his private parts in exchange for money.

Since Pagano's initial arrest, a fourth alleged victim came forward.

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