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Up Next: Together PANGEA Set To Storm The Stage In Philly On Friday

By Michael Cerio

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The mood seems lighter but the buzz has gotten heavier for Together PANGEA.

Their album Bulls and Roosters, released in August, finds the California rock band remaining raw but a bit more settled and their punk take on classic pop has ripened quite nicely. It has given cause for critics to notice the garage band growing up, still delivering their signature sneer but in a more sentimental and seasoned fashion.

together PANGEA
together PANGEA | Credit: Derek Perlman

"We've aged. Hopefully we've matured somewhat, but I don't know how much we have" explains singer and guitarist William Keegan calling from the van in between tour stops. "We're definitely trying out some new stuff that we wouldn't have when we were younger, maybe stuff that's a little more, sensitive maybe" he says with caution.

Growing into their sound hasn't slowed their scrappy and springy live show. Together PANGEA is a tough band to ignore in person, a blast of aggression and energy bursting off the stage. "That's what we like" says Keegan. "For me going to shows I want it to be energetic, and loud, and angry. That's just what gets my attention, so that's what we still do."

The band takes the stage in Philadelphia on Friday September 29th at Voltage Lounge. To hear our full talk with Together PANGEA's William Keegan, check out the full interview above.

Their new album Bulls and Roosters is now available everywhere.

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