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Three 'Price Is Right' Contestants Spin $1 On The Wheel

By Kait Richmond

PHILADELPHIA (CNN) -- You're probably used to seeing "The Price is Right" contestant have meltdowns after winning a chunk of change or a fabulous prize. But this was next level.

During Monday's episode, the three contestants -- Cathryn, Manfred and Jessica -- spun the wheel and got $1, which means they each won $1,000 and got the chance to spin again. What's crazier is that they each spun a different combination to add up to $1. This three-way tie is not something you see every day, or every month, or even every year on "The Price is Right."

Up first was Cathryn, who had the best reaction to spinning $1, showing off her impeccable dance moves. Then Manfred went, and then Jessica, and the three hugged and jumped in the typical TPIR fashion.

"I don't know if that's ever happened," host Drew Carey said as the trio lined up for their bonus spins.

Just as excited as the contestants were the people watching at home, who took to Twitter to express their shock.

In the end, it was Manfred who took home the biggest prize of all. He scored the highest number in the next round of spins, and went on to win a car and a cruise.

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