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The Rosenbach Library and Museum Merges With Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation

By Michelle Durham
PHILADELPHIA (CBS)  --  A historic announcement came out of Rittenhouse Square today.

The Rosenbach Library and Museum will become part of the Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation.

This merger will create one of the largest rare collections of books, manuscripts and historic items in the world.

John C. Haas Director of The Rosenbach Museum & Library Derick Dreher.

He says, "we love to put books in people's hands just as The Free Library does. We also love to put books and manuscripts into exhibitions and create classes around them. The one thing we are not going to do is say, 'look at this, it's old and rare.' We're going to say, 'Look at this isn't it interesting how relevent it is today."

President and Director of the  Free Library of Philadelphia Siobhan Reardon says, "in both collections are Presidential letters, And so when you want to experience what happened in history firsthand you want to take a look at these letters and both organizations are willing to share."

Reardon says there is no better way for a child with a history assignment to tackle that then to come to the library and literally read it written in the hand of the President who made the decision.

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