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The Dom Giordano Show: Brad Thor, George Parry, JD Mullane, Jake Tapper | June 19

9:00-Anti-Trump protester rushes the stage in New York in protest.

9:10-Republicans can easily get on TV by attacking President Trump.

9:20-Megyn Kelly spares with Alex Jones over the Sandy Hook massacre.

9:35-Brad Thor joined discussing his new book "Use of Force."

10:00-Attorney George Parry joined discussing the hung jury in the Bill Cosby trial.

10:10-School dress codes inherently sexist? 

10:35-Max Kellerman claiming the NFL puts pressure on players by playing the National Anthem at games.

10:45-JD Mullane joined discussing his time in the Courthouse during the entire Bill Cosby trial.

11:00-Jake Tapper joined discussing his interview with Senator Bernie Sanders, the tragic collision causing the death of 7 U.S. Sailors and the news of the day.

11:20-Jack Posobiec joined discussing the anti-Trump protester in New York that rushed the stage of a play.

11:35-Protester rushes the stage in New York play.

11:50-Megyn Kelly's interview with Alex Jones.

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