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Ex-Horsham Clinic Staffer Faces Child Sex Abuse Charges After Allegedly Sending Nude Pictures To Teen Patient

HATFIELD, Pa. (CBS) -- A local mother is horrified after she says an employee at a Montgomery County clinic where she sent her teenage daughter for help preyed upon her daughter.

The suspect, Tayib Inniss, was arrested on Jan. 13 and now faces more than 80 charges. The victim's mother in this case believes this case is far from closed.

"He asked her to send pictures of herself masturbating, nude pictures and she did and he also sent her pictures," the mother said.

Horrifying, explicit details this mother wished she never had to disclose of conversations with her 16-year-old daughter and a staffer at Horsham Clinic in Montgomery County.

"Wrote his phone number on the paper and he wrote the word 'shhh' underneath it and they had been speaking and sexting. He's been, I kind of felt like he controlled her, he groomed her," the mother said.

The mother, who asked that she remain anonymous, says her daughter met Inniss as an inpatient in March. In September, she notified Hatfield Township police, whose investigation revealed her worst fears.

"Someone who is in a position to help you and support you. Unfortunately, he was a predator," she said.

According to the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office, the 24-year-old suspect sent texts like "at the end of the day, you're protected and I'm not," and tried to make arrangements for a sexual encounter in the back of a car.

"There were days with my daughter where you could see the depression and it's just like, she wore it, like it was a thick, warm sweater," the mother said. "I just hope he knows and realizes the pain that he has inflicted on a child."

Horsham Clinic responded to the investigation by firing Inniss and saying, in part, "We condemn the behavior allegedly displayed by the individual, as it is inconsistent with our standards and values."

This mother spoke with Eyewitness News because she's fearful there are other young girls fighting the same battle.

"Patients like this they're, unfortunately, are just the perfect victims," she said, "and because of that, maybe they're afraid of not being believed. But I just hope that if there are other victims that they will come forward."

Eyewitness News reached out to the suspect's attorney on record. We have not heard back.

Anyone with information should contact Hatfield Township police.

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