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Tavern On The Hill In Chestnut Hill Offers Gastropub Fare Served With Flair

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Cozy, quaint, and quite comfortable is a tavern tucked at the top of Chestnut Hill, where warm wood tones and amber lighting are the perfect pairings to the friendly conversation and the gastropub fresh fare served with flair.

So what are you waiting for! Let the pineapple welcome you to the Tavern on the Hill.

"Everything in here we tried to set up like a pub in Ireland or England because I traveled a lot," owner Kathy Egan said. "They were always fun and comfortable. You felt like you got out of something and into something."

Egan got into the restaurant industry after working sales and promotions for an airline. She says it was the perfect segway because the happiest of customers are usually the ones who set out for an experience.

"People want to come out to eat and be happy and if you offer a good product, people will be happy," Egan said. "It was like when I worked at the airline. Generally, people are happy going on their honeymoon or vacation so it's nice unless the flight gets canceled."

And happy you will be with their crock of french onion: slivers of onion stewed down into a soupy wonderful luxurious broth and the cheese on top give it a crispy and crunchy exterior.

"Wow, that was about two feet of cheese right there!" reporter Vittoria Woodill said.

The portabella mushroom fries:

"It's like this gorgeous crust encapsulates this juicy mushroom that is meaty, tender and delightful but the dip, roasted garlic marsala dipping sauce?! Wow!" Woodill said.

Cranberry pecan salad:

"You get a sugary, snappy crunch from the pecans, the dressing you're picking up that maple sweetness, the balsamic is giving it tang. It's the happiest climb up the flavor mountain," Woodill said.

And baby back ribs:

"Apple slaw, it's as crisp as you snap an apple off the tree and take a bite then get to the baby backs, meaty and buttery," Woodill said.

This little tavern at the top of the hill really packs a wallop.

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