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Tastykake Company To Buy Wonder Bread From Hostess

By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The same company that owns Tastykake is now adding Wonder bread to the mix.

It was a few months back when Hostess announced it was closing up shop and selling its bread, snacks and cakes brands, bakeries and operations. Millions of Americans across the country then started to mourn the loss of the twinkie.

But now, Georgia-based Flowers Foods, which bought Tastykake two years ago, is getting Hostess' bread business. That includes Wonder and Nature's Pride brands, the deal worth $390 million.

That sale includes 20 bakeries and 38 depots, no specifics given on how that could affect the plant in Northeast Philadelphia.

The deal isn't finalized yet, that has to happen in court. As for the snack cakes, including the twinkie, they'll be sold separately and buyers could be announced in the coming weeks.

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