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Survey: It's Great To Be The Boss

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – You're not imagining it: Your boss is probably happier than you are.

A recent Pew Research Center surveys shows that top managers are more likely to say they're satisfied with their home and work lives than other employees.

Eighty-three-percent of bosses describe themselves as "very satisfied" with their family life, while just 74% of workers feel that way.

When it comes to their daily toils, 69% of bosses say they're very satisfied with their job, compared to just 48% of workers. And those at the top are also more likely to say they think of their job as a career rather than just an occupation that helps them get by (78% versus 44%).

Of course, that could be because bosses are making more money. The majority of top managers have a household income of at least $75,000 a year, compared with just about a third of employees.

Who are America's bosses? Unsurprisingly, they're mostly white men, the survey reveals. Sixteen-percent of men reported being the boss, while just 10% of women could say the same, and 16% of those who reported being at the top of the corporate ladder were white (compared to 6% of blacks and 4% of Hispanics).

According to the Pew Center, the survey was conducted in October 2013 and involved just over 2,000 adults.

To read the full results of the survey, click here.

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