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Surveillance Video Captures Carjacking Victim Shoot Teen Suspect In West Mount Airy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Just two weeks into 2022, police say Philadelphia has seen at least 100 carjackings. One of the latest ended in a shootout and we have new surveillance video from the incident.

At last check, the teen suspect is still in critical condition.

The carjacking victim was just a grandfather who wanted to get home to his family.

"It just doesn't seem worth it," one woman said.

As Philadelphia reaches a grim carjacking milestone, doorbell video shows just how quickly these crimes escalate.

About 17 shots bounced off of cars and pavement after two people attempted to carjack a 60-year-old man on a West Mount Airy street Thursday night.

The victim, who police say is licensed to carry, fought back, leaving a 16-year-old suspect critical.

Police say as of Friday there have been at least 100 carjackings across the city. The department's continued efforts to fight them including advice for drivers.

"The most important thing I can tell you right now is to please be aware of your surroundings," a police officer said.

In this case, police say the teen suspect was caught nearby in another vehicle that was stolen just miles away this past weekend.

While they're recommending people not to fight back, residents say they have every right to.

"I think people should fight back of course," one man said.

"My first reaction was like right on, you know? But then like the police officer said he's really lucky it could've went the other way," a woman said.

Police say the victim had gunshot residue on his face and that this could've been much worse.

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