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Surfing Tips -- And Lingo -- From 15-Time World Champion Zane Schweitzer

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Does quarantine have you bored? It may have you trying new things virtually that you may have never thought about doing before, like learning a new language, baking or playing an instrument.

Well, how about surfing in your backyard? Lesley Van Arsdall shows us how.

This is 15-time world champion surfer Zane Schweitzer, born and raised on the beaches of Maui.


And this is me. Let's just say, definitely not a pro surfer.

"You're nearly 5,000 miles away and you actually think you can teach me to surf?" Van Arsdall asked.

"Surfing itself is something that comes with a few simple steps that I can share with you right here, right now," Schweitzer said.

And just like that my cyber surf lesson begins.

"This is Kim, she's Miss Hawaii here in 2018. Actually our first date was surfing and now she is a very avid surfer. She's like a prime example and gonna be our model today to help you guys understand our surf tips," Schweitzer said.

zane schweitzer 2
Credit: CBS3

First up -- paddling.

"We're gonna keep our head arched and reach out with forward with our hands paddling and that's step No. 1," Schweitzer said.

Now the hardest part, the pop-up.

"Now, step No. 2. We're gonna lift up nice and tall, we're going to bring our back knee under our hips, then we're gonna bring our front foot forward under the chest. Now comes the fun part, twist your hips, plant your back foot from knee to the foot and lift," Schweitzer said.

Finally the key to it all -- balance.

"It's easy on land, a little bit difficult on the water," Van Arsdall said.

"If you can get up out of your bed in the morning from laying down to standing on land, I tell you what, you can get up on a surfboard," Schweitzer said.

"Can you pass along so we seem kind legit, some cool surfing lingo?" Van Arsdall asked.

"Wow, it's firing. The waves are going off," Schweitzer said.

Yes, that and my surfing skills need a little work.

Schweitzer usually gives lessons on the beach and sometimes comes to the Jersey Shore to give clinics, but with COVID-19, that's not possible right now.

You can contact him for private lessons by click here or visiting his Facebook page.

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