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Back-To-School Means An Increased Risk For 'Super Lice'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)--Back to school isn't just about reading, writing and arithmetic. For some students, it means an increased risk for getting head lice.

"It's really sad because I have a lot of clients come in and they're like I just spent hundreds of dollars on all of these products and I'm still seeing live lice," said Michelle Repp, with the Lice Treatment Center.

An FDA cleared treatment for super lice is only available at professional clinics is called "AirAlle". It's a one-time treatment with specialized hot air that kills head lice and their eggs through dehydration.

"A lot of times when the kids do get the lice, they don't want it again and they will remember more so," said Repp. "Sometimes when you share the pictures of what they look like, they may be like, 'Uh no, I don't want those bugs in my hair.'"

Repp says a bad infestation can easily spread from person to person.

"You keep fighting it, keep fighting it, keep fighting it, and now lo and behold you have everybody in the family that has it," she says.

Doctors say lice are not a reflection on cleanliness. They affect people in all socio-economic classes, anyone can get them.

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