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Students With Behavioral Issues Brush And Sculpt Their Way To A Better Day In South Jersey

By Mike Dougherty

CAMDEN, NJ (CBS) -- A student art program in Camden is helping kids cope with behavioral issues, and today they got to show off their hard work at Virtua Hospital on Atlantic Avenue.

For 13 years, the program titled CASTLE has been helping Children Achieve Success through Therapeutic Life Experiences.

Program director Amy Quick says many of the students suffering from behavioral issues are more withdrawn and sometimes feel isolated.

"This is a way they can put themselves out there in a safe way," she says. "You definitely see kids engaging more, socializing more, and really encouraging more positive self-esteem."

Yaidel is seven years old. He and his team created a colorful exhibit based on nature.

"I made black with white, and then it turned to grey," he says. "So I used it to make a hippo in the outside."

Work from students ages three through 15 was put on display for the day.


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