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Student Gets Nod From Coldplay For Video That Took 5 Years To Make

By Chelsea Lacey-Mabe

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Want to see someone age five years in under five minutes?

It seems impossible but University of Virginia student, Sam Reid did it by taking a picture of himself every day for five years and turning the photos into a video set to Coldplay's "Life in Technicolor ii."

"It took me five years to sing this song," the video description reads.

Meanwhile, it took him just a few days to get the attention of thousands who have since watched, liked and shared his video, including Coldplay themselves who tweeted it.

Reid, who is also a cross country coach at a Christian day school in Charlottesville, was inspired by fellow YouTuber, Noah Kalina, known for a stop-motion video of pictures over 12.5 years.

"I was inspired by other "photo a day" projects, but I wanted to add my own twist to it, so I came up with the idea to lip sync the lyrics over the course of the video," Reid explained.

Reid started his video project in February 2011, when he was a junior in high school and all throughout college where he studied Classics with a concentration in Ancient Greek. He finally finished the video last month, ending on a picture of himself in a cap and gown--a preview of his upcoming graduation which was on Saturday.

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