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Stigall Show Log 4.2.12

5:40 Three winning tickets were sold in the Mega Millions Lottery drawing Friday night.

5:46 Keith Olbermann was fired from the Current TV network Friday and replaced with Eliot Spitzer.

5:55 Vice-President Joe Biden was on CBS's Face the Nation yesterday discussing the Republican Race for President.

5:56 Mitt Romney said that Barack Obama won in 2008 not because of accomplishments, but because of the size of his personality.

6:15 The Pennsylvania Senate has approved a law allowing people to have wine shipped directly to their homes.

6:42 The man arrested last week for trying to bring fireworks on a plane at Philadelphia International Airport is asking for house arrest.

7:10 On this week's Monday Morning Matchup, Chris talks to Jeff Roe and Mark Greenbaum about Rick Santorum staying in the race and Joe Biden calling the Republicans extreme.

7:40 Rick Santorum will also be appearing with Bill Kristol at the next Red Meat Tour on April 11 in Trevose. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE

7:55 One of the three Mega Millions winners won't share the money with her employees who she pooled with for tickets.

8:10 Chris talks to Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel to preview the opening week of the season.

Charlie Manuel
Charlie Manuel (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)
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